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Battery-Free Ganz

Dani Fusion 2.0 Wooden Stem (NEW)

Dani Fusion 2.0 Wooden Stem (NEW)

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Included Components:

  • A titanium chamber that can contain 0.18g of herb.
  • A smart stainless steel airflow control connector.
  • A stainless steel CCD screen.
  • 4 viton o-rings, each measuring 7.5-8mm in outer diameter (OD) and 1mm in thickness.
  • 2 viton o-rings, each measuring 6mm in OD and 1mm in thickness.
  • An IH-compatible stainless steel cap, adorned with two silver rings.
  • A Vietnamese Tracwood stem with a stainless steel lining to protect the wood from vapors.
  • A condenser.
  • Titanium Mouthpiece included
  • Waxed Leather Case included

New Features:

  • Long tail titanium chamber for more efficient vapor cooling.
  • Reduced threads (from 4 threads to 3 threads).
  • Half-bowl setting.
  • Ability to produce tasty and flavorful vapors.
  • XL size chamber.
  • The silver rings offer a fast heating feature. Each ring is positioned differently to allow customization of vaporization for MTL or DRL.
  • The thermal disc has a higher temperature setting compared to the Dani Fusion 1.0.
  • The cap is impressively thick, ensuring substantial heat retention.
  • There’s no need for rotation during the heating process.
  • The new design does not have a carb on its body, making it more convenient to handle.
  • The wooden part has window holes, allowing you to see the stainless steel lining inside.
  • An air gap has been introduced between the wooden part and the stainless part. This enhancement is designed to improve the cooling function, allowing vapors to cool down faster and more efficiently.

Additional Features:

  • Easy to clean!
  • Stylish outlook.
  • Innovative design.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rob J.
Solid Vape

This is a great vaporizer capable of producing huge rips while still maintaining the beautiful flavor and true essence of material within!

I have set the dynavaps aside to huddle together in communial loneliness as they gather and watch the tremendous clouds produced by the Dani Fusion 2.0 drift by.

I would recommend the product to anyone looking for vapcap style vape.


Great and flavorful :) works awesome when I use a glass convection cap (larger size) and induction heater. And then I use the wood stem and metal cap when I'm not able to guarantee I won't drop it. I prefer this over my other manual devices most the time now!

Wesley Mace


I’ve found my VAS cured, thanks to this innovative product.

The Dani Fusion is a revelation in the world of dry-herb, battery-free vaporizers. Its large chamber and efficient heating system provide an unparalleled vaping experience. I’ve found my VAS cured, thanks to this innovative product. If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable vaporizer, look no further.

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